Advanced Real-Time Designs is a company of professional engineers and certified software developers delivering exceptional contract services.

Our primary focus is the development of embedded software and hardware for data acquisition and control systems. We can develop for many platforms including LabVIEW, VxWorks, uP, uC, in industries such as Telephony, Oil and Gas, Research, Medical, and SCADA.

Advanced Real-Time Designs

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Horses… What?

How does horse riding relate to Engineering?

As a bareback rider venturing into the mountainous terrain around Calgary, you have to have an in depth relationship with your stead.  Each of you must know your responsibilities and trust each other.  Yet we are constantly re-negotiating the relationship in order to overcome any obstacles you may encounter.

You must have goals and respectfully listen to each other so that everyone buys into the agreed upon end goal, or else you go nowhere.     


- Real-Time Embbeded developers.

- Hardware and Software.

- Experienced in many industries

- Professional and Open Minded

- Research, SCADA, Data Acq, Control System

- Certified LabVIEW Developers (CLD)

System Architects and Integration Specialists.

We can be involved in the complete engineering cycle from system architecture all the way through the development cycles to testing and certification.  We have been instrumental in acquiring patents, designing and developing completely new systems, through to commissioning the final product in the customer’s hands.  We have worked with government organizations to acquire funding for research bringing innovative designs to completion and filing for tax rebates for the research.  

We have experience in low level hardware design ranging from application specific hardware (PCB design, ASIC, PLD, FPGA, uC and uP) including noise immunity and I/O filtering in both hardware and software. We have been instrumental in the design and development of distributed control systems over numerous media and network topologies and protocols (TCP/IP, CAN, Serial, Token Ring, MODbus, etc.).  

We have developed test environments for application specific hardware for the developer, manufacturing and consumer.

 A horseman can be an exceptional engineer