Advanced Real-Time Designs is a company of professional engineers and certified software developers delivering exceptional contract services.

Our primary focus is the development of embedded software and hardware for data acquisition and control systems. We can develop for many platforms including LabVIEW, VxWorks, uP, uC, in industries such as Telephony, Oil and Gas, Research, Medical, and SCADA.

Advanced Real-Time Designs

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 Contract Design Services

We are ready to enhance your team with expert embedded design development services capable of both hardware and software designs.  We have been working in these industries: aeronautics, telephony, research, oil and gas, control systems, SCADA, and many more.  Our expertise includes distributed solutions through dynamically created LAN and WAN (including satelite).  

 Hardware Design Services

We can enhance your in-house hardware design team developing application specific solutions to including PCB design, part selection, noise filtration, testing and application interfaces.  We can sketch out and develop test methodologies as well as manufacturing approaches. We have experience with low level languages (Motorola assembly, VHDL, ADHL, etc), and can develop interface drivers.

 Software Design Services

We can bring a diverse set of software design skills to your team including architecting new solutions, agile development methodologies, product modeling, source control and software testing.  We can bring a diverse set of development tools to the team from common software and WEB development languages (LabVIEW, C#, JAVA, SQL, etc.) to protocols (MODbus, CAN, TCP/IP, etc.).  We have experience with many higher level design tools such as UML for architectural designs.  We have management experience with a few source control systems such as SVN and Perforce and can architect build approaches from build servers to locally compiled applications.